The Love of Writing

We write to share our hearts. We write to comfort. We write to give life to the impossible. -N.W. Why do you write? For many of us, writing is a cathartic escape. We run to the sanctum of white pages, where we shamelessly graffiti each wall in the melancholic greys and blues of our heartaches… Continue reading The Love of Writing


Love Lost

Love is tainted by the impurity of selfishness.-N.W She was pampered in the glow of self-love and it seemed the earth cherished her too. The sun often greeted her with kisses on the cheeks and the wind lovingly stroked the brown tresses down her back. At nights, the moon cascaded her in its pearlescent hue… Continue reading Love Lost


New Beginnings

Sharing my writing with others is so daunting because of its intimate nature. I undress myself to you: my insecurities, fears, hopes, and dreams. I can only wish whomever I share it with never takes it lightly, nor shamelessly pokes at my vulnerabilities. N.W. I've balked at this countless times. As if intimidated by this… Continue reading New Beginnings