The Love of Writing

We write to share our hearts. We write to comfort. We write to give life to the impossible.

Why do you write?

For many of us, writing is a cathartic escape. We run to the sanctum of white pages, where we shamelessly graffiti each wall in the melancholic greys and blues of our heartaches and frustrations; the raspberry reds and Tuscan sun yellows of our joys and aspirations. Sometimes our expressions are more aggressive – we shatter and stab at those walls. Splotch and sear the pages with hot, branding tears. Yet it doesn’t recoil from our brutality; it embraces our fragility and destruction. And in its quiet acceptance of us, helps to make us stronger.

Writing gives life and color to the abstract, shaping our emotions into concrete and visceral sensations that make them easier to understand and relate to. It provides a sense of organization – a sense of control. Like we are wizards and witches of our own making, waving a wand that creates limitless possibilities in our fecund imaginations. We spread our magic to those who read our work, sometimes rousing the slumbering dragon, embodying the potential resting deep within them.

We write to make sense of what is constant and good through the vicissitudes of life; to find sanity in the increasing conundrum that is our world; to connect with kindred souls and encourage each other through the storms of life.

We write to heal wounds unseen by the naked eye, covering our scars in cursive gauze until we can veritably script our pain into anecdotal victories. We write to create the best versions of who we are.

I write to share my heart, to connect with others and grow in the art.

Why do you write?

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