Impress – Weekend Writing Prompt #102

Her perfect disguise swirled down the drain. She splashed water over her face again then lifted her head, blinking at her unmasked reflection. Her thin fingers pressed to the purpled bruise around her left eye then trailed downward to the corner of her split lip. No one could’ve guessed the secrets beneath her veiled beauty.

She heard footsteps before he appeared behind her. The monster from last night was tamed under his solemn gaze. And his destructive fist clumsily held a bouquet of white roses. She stared at them for a long while in the stretch of silent contrition, then smiled affectedly.

“They’re beautiful.”

This weekend’s writing prompt provided by Sammiscribbles was another fun challenge. My mind hasn’t been in a great place but this prompt helped to pull it from a tormented spot. I hope everyone is able to have a rewarding weekend.

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