Am I A Writer?

Have I misconstrued what it is to be a writer? Because my chest is crushed with an incompetent burden when I can’t find anything to write about. My mind has taken the form of an earth ravaged by drought; skeletal fingers of bone-thin trees stretched toward a dreary sky for a warm wind that will bring blossoms of inspiration.

What is a writer who cannot write? Who is inept at weaving words with poetic or prosed grace, like a magician pulling roses out of thin air?

I can’t rest without writing. But neither can I force what isn’t there. My thoughts have receded to an ungiving whisper. Petulant and tight-lipped, as if it has turned its back on me in a moment of rebellion. But I know this is only an ephemeral resistance. Soon it’ll tire of its seclusion and seek me once again for meaningful discourse, opening the iron gates for my imagination to run wild and free.

8 thoughts on “Am I A Writer?

  1. For one ruminating whether they still are a writer or not,I must admit this is quite a milestone! Reminds me writing the death of PePa back in my drapes.Maybe I should send you that link.

    You are a true poet draped in humility.Writing is the blessing God has extended through your fingers.Even a lame athlete never stops running.Keep spitting ink and God bless you.

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    • Pepa that was truly a beautiful piece and it resonated so deeply. There was a poignant perspective brought out, something I realized – that sometimes my heart is not in unity with the words I try to put together, which is why I stumble over them so much. It’s as if I’m at a place where I’m writing because I have to, and not because I want to…

      But thank you so much for the encouragement, truly it touched me deeply and has encouraged me more than you’ll ever know ❤️ God bless you too my writerly friend 🤗


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