Vintage – Weekend Writing Prompt #120

She was an old soul tossed through a cacophony of shallow voices. A vintage heart lost in the blur of transient faces. I wish the word count was a bit more for this one. Vintage is such a beautiful word; it's like popping open a champagne bottle and ideas just froth and bubble in eager… Continue reading Vintage – Weekend Writing Prompt #120


Tinker – Weekend Writing Prompt #119

There were some people who couldn’t leave others alone. Julius had a natural curiosity towards people; he’d wave and smile at them. Strike up random conversations with an enviable disarming prowess that eased any doubt. He tinkered with the trappings that kept them in their shells and drew them out. Naturally, he was popular. But… Continue reading Tinker – Weekend Writing Prompt #119


Serpent’s Disguise

Reptilian scales shifted Like sequins shimmering Beneath the pellucid flesh Of your mouth Mesmerizingly twisted With benevolent charm Shrouding malevolent gleams Of fangs behind your perfect Cupid’s bow Holding back the arrow Of your split tongue Dipped in silver Slithering smooth Over sultry rhyme Almost hypnotizing reason Pierced through the heart But the venom Only… Continue reading Serpent’s Disguise


The Renegade

When imagination crumbles And falls away Into the biting dust of rubble Scattered through The endless grey void Of mindless, formless matter The renegade rises From the uncharted depths within Beyond the feared abyss Where thoughts have never ventured To face long decayed carrion Dried bones of old memories Gnawed through by inner demons But… Continue reading The Renegade


August Arrival

August stumbledOn the back of JulyWith a flustered flailAnd unsure stridesUnlike its usual promenadeBrusquely brushing its sister asideSharp and heavy stepsLeaving footprintsLike a branding iron hovered nearIt fell on its faceCheeks fat and grey With a loud cryThat carried echoes Of a humorous chorus Cooling the airWith its mortified breath But the rain followed close… Continue reading August Arrival


Queen of Hearts

She spun silken webs From the seductive craft Of ruby lips bewitching Entwining silvery threads Of wanton souls Around her artful fingers That caressed liquid heat Beyond skin and rigid sinews Bending devotion of men To the sweet sin of her affections Planting obsessive desires Into an overgrowth of thorns That choked their resistance Gouging… Continue reading Queen of Hearts