Unwilling to Die

Rust collects within crevices Of these dried bones Striped with rotting sinews That have mostly forgotten The familiar mechanics Of wrapping around a pen Consumed by adrenaline The rush of creative flow Peppering through veins Enlivening still marrow To the mind’s spontaneous wiles But now these bones lay Frozen in a curled pose Of that… Continue reading Unwilling to Die


Heart of Nature

Could this rain know greed? Though apathetic with its Monotone voice That never changes Despite its lilting intensity When its frigid teeth Bite into our flesh Gnawing and tearing At the earth with an Almost carnivorous intensity Unrelenting ‘Til its bosom heaves On a satisfied breath Is it greed? Perhaps the sins Thought to have… Continue reading Heart of Nature


Museum – Weekend Writing Prompt #122

There was an old museum set for demolition in a few days. But no-one cared for the history preserved inside. Some thought it should’ve been destroyed a long time ago for its preservation of faces from a generation lost and forgotten to time. It was nothing like viewing the preserved skin and bones of animals.… Continue reading Museum – Weekend Writing Prompt #122