Self-fulfilling Prophecies

Be careful what you wish for
But the tongue rages against
Such reins and straps
Spits on the warnings
Of guiding restraint
In defiant arrogance
And without roaming
Beyond the flanks
Of its caged domain
It creates worlds
Like a magic wand
Commanding fate
To bend to its wiles
As unsuspecting realities
Into self-fulfilling prophecies
Confounding the heart
When the answer
To every mystery
Has always lingered—
Tastes of bitter licorice
Burning at the throat

When Nature Grieves

Festering wounds

Wrought within

These broken words

Emotions raw and rotted

Filled with squirming clusters

Of hungry maggots

Devouring the remains

Of a silenced voice

While the winds billow

Drenched in the sillage

Of decay

And the clouds hang low

Heaving with grief 

For the dying sounds of hope

Shattered on the rocks

Violently thrashed 

By the screaming tide

To Know the Heart

Within onyx pupils
Keyholes swirl at the center
Of every marbled iris
Locking away
The true intentions
Lying at the threshold
Of every human heart
If only
It were possible
To possess the perfect key
That could split apart
The meaning
Behind every beguiling smile
And reveal
The honest murmurs
Traipsing every cordial word
Or is it sad
That it’s become
So hard to trust
The blooms of a smile
That could veil
Thorns laced with poison
Ready to attack
When we are most vulnerable?

The Sound of You

Paradise becomes possible

In the colors of your voice

Splattering through

The monochrome prism

Of my world

With blinding light

More radiant

Than the primrose flushes

Of dawn

Streaking the horizon

And could I sink

Within the velvet embrace

Of your laughter

I’d tuck myself away

Like a child

Cocooned in abundant sheets


To the halcyon promise

Shaped to the sound

Of my name

On your lips

An Evening Epiphany

On nights like this—

Supine beneath

The emerald trails

Of an angel’s dance

Swirls of aurora flow

In tandem

With the delicate flutter

Of a faint song


In the heart of a music box—

I realize

This is not where I belong

On this earth

Filled with misery;

Its unrelenting yearning

Unseen burdens

Bruising the spines

Of those like me

Awaiting the freedom

That calls to us

Beyond the cosmic gloaming

Losing A Friend

Connections bittersweet;
Unsuspecting bonds
Worm into our hearts
Building nests
Within the pulsing chambers
Until staccatos of reticence
Flutter into
The dulcet cadence
Of trust
And it becomes easy
To hold them there
As though
They always belonged–
To the roots of our soul

But sometimes
There is a rupturing
Hazardous and disruptive
Like the unbidden
Flails and shift of the earth
The myriad nests
Until they collapse
Some only snagged
And preserved
On stubborn branches
Of a mutual
Dogged will
While vestiges

Of those lost
Are remembered
On the hollow whispers
Rustling through
The chasms lefts behind


Am I

Not trying hard enough

To let you see

Beyond the folds

Of these frayed seams

Keeping me

From falling apart?

With razor-tipped talons

And an indelicate touch

I bear the bruises

Of your thorned caress

While the candied petals

From your lips

Silence every

Tremulous breath—

Swallowed protests

To tear my flesh

From the deep hooks

Of your love—

But perhaps

I’m the one

Gazing through

Translucent scales

Unwilling to accept

That perhaps

You never truly loved me

At all

To the One Left Behind

A box of pebbles

And cracked seashells

Broken echoes

Of an ocean lullaby


Of pleasant memories

Rippling the dark sands

Washed of the dawn’s


That had once lingered

In harlequin flushes

On the serene shores

Where her heart

Had touched the sun —

Such a pitiable thing now

Like a lost

Wandering orphan

Without a name

Without a place to belong