The contagious cadence of camaraderie within her circle didn’t quite reach her. She was a part of them, but there was a sense of exclusion she knew was completely imagined. Their open smiles harbored no unknown secrets, but she couldn’t say the same for her own. Her lips felt stretched too wide and her laughter didn’t carry the same lighthearted notes of ease that came with being in the company of trusted friends. She’d known these girls all her life and there’d been a time she’d always look forward to their get-togethers. Yet now, she couldn’t help imagining being anywhere else but here with them in the room that preserved their childhood memories. It was as if she no longer belonged among them and she couldn’t explain why.

10 thoughts on “Distant

  1. At times I don’t even understand whether it is my brain that makes it seem like no one really wants me around them and that I should just leave everyone around me alone, or what I see and feel is truly the case. Such hostile perceptions has kind of made me stay indoors all the time, and generally avoid meeting, I mean I’d rather stay in my room by myself than go out somewhere.

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