Write On…

I’ve forgotten What it’s like Not to write My feet no longer balk At the brambles and vines Obscuring the cobblestone path To the oak doors of my mind My hand does not curl Into a hesitant fist To knock against the surface Waiting for the chimes To herald my entrance I refuse to loiter… Continue reading Write On…


Dance With the Devil

His eyes were a rich auburn swirl, like whiskey beckoning her to indulge a taste of sin. When he smiled, she averted her gaze; inhibitions prettily dressed in flush purity. But this was no place for the innocent, where bodies gyrated and writhed in fevered rhythms to hypnotic music melting tension from the bones. She’d… Continue reading Dance With the Devil


Charlatan – Weekend Writing Prompt #101

Flaws and vices are the imperfections that make someone human. But Jasmine can find none in Paul. He's an unorthodox creation, crafted in perfection. He always knows the right thing to say and makes her heart flutter with every romantic act. She's powerless to the sway of his silver tongue. Addicted to the sweet poison… Continue reading Charlatan – Weekend Writing Prompt #101