Summer Air

Sabe felt summer’s vehement call for attention in the hot breeze that bruised her cheek. The sky was a bare blue arm stretched wide, offering no reprieve from the suffocating humidity. Each breath she took felt thinned of oxygen, yet heavy with languor. It was only a few days ago that snowfall left a refreshing… Continue reading Summer Air


Broken Marriage

Wine glasses and vinyl records Displace discordant hollows Down the ruby stream Into a mellow Neverland Of marmalade skies And silken winds Humming groovy jazz Drowning echoes Of vengeful dysfunction Bottled in intoxicated giggles Strained on wistful chords For an elusive romance Ruptured by sobs As the fleeting euphoria Cracks beneath sobriety Splintering into The… Continue reading Broken Marriage


Impress – Weekend Writing Prompt #102

Her perfect disguise swirled down the drain. She splashed water over her face again then lifted her head, blinking at her unmasked reflection. Her thin fingers pressed to the purpled bruise around her left eye then trailed downward to the corner of her split lip. No one could’ve guessed the secrets beneath her veiled beauty.… Continue reading Impress – Weekend Writing Prompt #102