Spring Longing

I yearn for…Spring’s elusive caress –Balsam of her tender palms –To soothe theFrosted scabs and scarsScourging fissures deepThrough exposed fleshUnable to endureWinter’s crude affectionI long for…The sun’s elixirHoneysuckle kissingAt my lipsMelting onMy tongueAs abundant raysLike cloaks of golden silkWrap around meFragrant with the dewPlum and cherry blossomInfusedFor these barren nightsCallous and ungivingRemind me too muchOf… Continue reading Spring Longing


When the Night Comes

There is an intimacy that comes with the night. When the moon hoists herself high with unabashed flourish amid the glimmer of a star-studded sky. In the hours when the earth sighs soft and nocturnal melodies drift on the whistling wind. Here, in this room, where the walls are so thin they may not have… Continue reading When the Night Comes


Heart of Nature

Could this rain know greed? Though apathetic with its Monotone voice That never changes Despite its lilting intensity When its frigid teeth Bite into our flesh Gnawing and tearing At the earth with an Almost carnivorous intensity Unrelenting ‘Til its bosom heaves On a satisfied breath Is it greed? Perhaps the sins Thought to have… Continue reading Heart of Nature


August Arrival

August stumbledOn the back of JulyWith a flustered flailAnd unsure stridesUnlike its usual promenadeBrusquely brushing its sister asideSharp and heavy stepsLeaving footprintsLike a branding iron hovered nearIt fell on its faceCheeks fat and grey With a loud cryThat carried echoes Of a humorous chorus Cooling the airWith its mortified breath But the rain followed close… Continue reading August Arrival


Facing Monday

She stands on the roof, watching Monday slink away into the growing shadows of dusk. She feels its ire in the lingering heat scorching blisters across the ashen sky and her chest blossoms with a victory cry. She outlasted Monday’s dizzying torment and its burden ebbed with the dismissive wave of a cool wind. She… Continue reading Facing Monday