Spring Longing

I yearn for…Spring’s elusive caress –Balsam of her tender palms –To soothe theFrosted scabs and scarsScourging fissures deepThrough exposed fleshUnable to endureWinter’s crude affectionI long for…The sun’s elixirHoneysuckle kissingAt my lipsMelting onMy tongueAs abundant raysLike cloaks of golden silkWrap around meFragrant with the dewPlum and cherry blossomInfusedFor these barren nightsCallous and ungivingRemind me too muchOf… Continue reading Spring Longing



I am afraid. That sole thought paces my skull like an echo of frantic footsteps over wooden floors. I am afraid that I no longer recognize who I am...or was when I first began writing here. I am afraid I no longer have that mind from which creative thought had bloomed — in an almost… Continue reading 1:03AM


What Isn’t

His touch was always like a phantom wind. A zephyr grazing her cheek. As if he was afraid fire would trail his hand and burn her. And he always kept his distance whenever they walked together. Careful that their hands never bumped or brushed together. The subtlety of his avoidance perplexed her. But she would… Continue reading What Isn’t



We watched the shadowsStretch and entangle themselvesFolding into each other over the beige wallsLike secret loversLured by the pearl-tongued murmursOf the moonWhile the wind danced and whistled coollyBy the window And we were still by each other --Silent and supine--Our chests in tandemWith echoes of our soft breathPulling in anxietyRattling our rib cagesFor sleep couldn’t… Continue reading Puberty