In These Words

Fingers crossedWith childlike fervorA gossamer-soft hopeTightly clenchedThat these words –Floating into the etherIntertwinedWith ethereal promisesOn the wind –Will grasp the palmOf searching fingertipsOr sit upon the lipsOf some unassuming strangerOr find their wayInto the open chambersOf the heartWhere they may resonateLike a comforting frissonSuffusing warmthThrough weary bonesAnd reach further stillTo soothe the soulEmbosomed deep within


Finding Myself

There’s a pendulum swinging somewhere beyond the hedges of my periphery. A tick-tocking that reverberates distantly through the still air. But it doesn’t shake my chest with panic or fear. No. It’s more the sound of time being on my side. A sound of reassurance through this slow process of rediscovering myself. It’s a little… Continue reading Finding Myself


Spring Longing

I yearn for…Spring’s elusive caress –Balsam of her tender palms –To soothe theFrosted scabs and scarsScourging fissures deepThrough exposed fleshUnable to endureWinter’s crude affectionI long for…The sun’s elixirHoneysuckle kissingAt my lipsMelting onMy tongueAs abundant raysLike cloaks of golden silkWrap around meFragrant with the dewPlum and cherry blossomInfusedFor these barren nightsCallous and ungivingRemind me too muchOf… Continue reading Spring Longing


Unwilling to Die

Rust collects within crevices Of these dried bones Striped with rotting sinews That have mostly forgotten The familiar mechanics Of wrapping around a pen Consumed by adrenaline The rush of creative flow Peppering through veins Enlivening still marrow To the mind’s spontaneous wiles But now these bones lay Frozen in a curled pose Of that… Continue reading Unwilling to Die


Awaiting Miracles

Awaiting miracles — Like an oasis stumbled upon Settling heaving, thirsty gasps In an arid, scorching desert Or like plucking flowers Velvet petals flourishing Through the cracked earth Of barren plains Blossoms promising A fecund end So I await The silver arms that Hug grey clouds’ edge Hinting a nourishing rain Where my words will… Continue reading Awaiting Miracles