Weekend Writing Prompt #196 – Possess

She only wanted his heart, but he wasn’t hers to possess.

It’s been a little over a year since I last participated in SammiCox’s weekend writing challenge. I didn’t get much of a chance to sit down with my books and thoughts today, but I still wanted to get something written — even if it’s just 11 words.

I hope everyone will have a happy Saturday 🌼

Vintage – Weekend Writing Prompt #120

She was an old soul tossed through a cacophony of shallow voices. A vintage heart lost in the blur of transient faces.

I wish the word count was a bit more for this one. Vintage is such a beautiful word; it’s like popping open a champagne bottle and ideas just froth and bubble in eager spills from the top.

Thanks Sammi for another great word! If you attempted the challenge, share your story with me. I hope everyone’s having a happy weekend. 🌸

Grimace – Weekend Writing Prompt #114

Something was wrong. Maxwell’s voice wasn’t the same chipper pitch she knew. She could hear the grimace in his even tone.

She swallowed, “Are you okay?”

“Olivia…this might be my last phone call.”

It took me a few tries before I found something to be solid enough (I think) for this prompt. Another challenging one; fitting a sensible story in 33 words isn’t easy. But thanks Sammiscribbles for helping me and other writers exercise our creativity. I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Zodiac – Weekend Writing Prompt #106

His mouth hung in awe as light stippled her limbs in an ethereal shimmer of zodiacal constellations. It could’ve been an impressive trick, but her panicked gaze probed his for answers he couldn’t give to her anomaly. He only knew she wasn’t human.

This weekend’s Sammiscribbles challenge was a lot harder than the previous ones I tried. I started out with a romance plot that meandered into a mystery theme. Funny the way writing works sometimes. I do hope everyone’s having a good weekend. Happy writing!


The contagious cadence of camaraderie within her circle didn’t quite reach her. She was a part of them, but there was a sense of exclusion she knew was completely imagined. Their open smiles harbored no unknown secrets, but she couldn’t say the same for her own. Her lips felt stretched too wide and her laughter didn’t carry the same lighthearted notes of ease that came with being in the company of trusted friends. She’d known these girls all her life and there’d been a time she’d always look forward to their get-togethers. Yet now, she couldn’t help imagining being anywhere else but here with them in the room that preserved their childhood memories. It was as if she no longer belonged among them and she couldn’t explain why.