What Isn’t

His touch was always like a phantom wind. A zephyr grazing her cheek. As if he was afraid fire would trail his hand and burn her. And he always kept his distance whenever they walked together. Careful that their hands never bumped or brushed together. The subtlety of his avoidance perplexed her. But she would… Continue reading What Isn’t


Loving A Recluse

It would be easier If I could peer into your soul Without need of untangling mysteries From the vines of your lips Coiled around each syllable Choking every honest word Through your apprehensive smile If only I could part The gossamer curtains Revealing the stained window To your heart Sheltering the things You wish to… Continue reading Loving A Recluse


A Quiet Love

Perhaps it began the moment he entered the classroom. His confident stride commanded everyone's attention -- even the arrogant pricks who disregarded learning with idle banter and lengthy naps. An air of casual calm relaxed the line of his broad shoulders, effortlessly filtering through the thick spread of lethargy left behind by the Economics professor.… Continue reading A Quiet Love



~She was beautiful in the light's exposure. There had been no need to hide in darkness' shadow.~ She loved the darkness for its clandestine intimacy, tucking her close in thick, obsidian sheets. It accepted her as she was, brushing over her imperfections with a cool fondness. Cocooned her from insecurity’s damning glare, blanketing her vulnerabilities.… Continue reading Embrace