Jewels of Your Love

To be…
Adorned in the affection
That shimmers out of
Your mouth

Pearls embroider my throat
Left by the ghosts
Of your touch
Over the sensitive ridges
Of my collarbone

And malachite gems
Pattern the memory
Of your lips
Against my ear
Where your breath
Burned its teasing warmth

So let my body
Unabashed and willing
Bear the indelible intaglios;
The jewels of your love.

The Sound of You

Paradise becomes possible

In the colors of your voice

Splattering through

The monochrome prism

Of my world

With blinding light

More radiant

Than the primrose flushes

Of dawn

Streaking the horizon

And could I sink

Within the velvet embrace

Of your laughter

I’d tuck myself away

Like a child

Cocooned in abundant sheets


To the halcyon promise

Shaped to the sound

Of my name

On your lips


Am I

Not trying hard enough

To let you see

Beyond the folds

Of these frayed seams

Keeping me

From falling apart?

With razor-tipped talons

And an indelicate touch

I bear the bruises

Of your thorned caress

While the candied petals

From your lips

Silence every

Tremulous breath—

Swallowed protests

To tear my flesh

From the deep hooks

Of your love—

But perhaps

I’m the one

Gazing through

Translucent scales

Unwilling to accept

That perhaps

You never truly loved me

At all

What Isn’t

His touch was always like a phantom wind. A zephyr grazing her cheek. As if he was afraid fire would trail his hand and burn her. And he always kept his distance whenever they walked together. Careful that their hands never bumped or brushed together. The subtlety of his avoidance perplexed her. But she would swallow every question, losing concern in the glimmer of fondness from his silver gaze. 

Maybe there was a condition he was sensitive to, something he wasn’t ready to share with her just yet. Which was fine. They’d only been talking for a month, meeting by the lake in the evenings beneath the indulgent starlight. And as they strolled that night, him listening to her recall a cherished childhood memory, she grabbed hold of his hand. Just to surprise him. Just to feel the warmth of his large hand within her own. But her fingers caught nothing, except a fleeting, chilling breeze.

Loving A Recluse

It would be easier

If I could peer into your soul

Without need of untangling mysteries

From the vines of your lips

Coiled around each syllable

Choking every honest word

Through your apprehensive smile

If only I could part

The gossamer curtains

Revealing the stained window

To your heart

Sheltering the things

You wish to keep hidden

From prying eyes

Yet even if your chest

Were an oak door

Awaiting visitation

From some curious soul

An intrigued wanderer

Just like me

I imagine a twist of the brass doorknob

Woudn’t budge the bolts and locks

Stubbornly fixed

To keep you locked away

From me


This meditative silence
Torn by agonizing staccatos
Of frustrated anger
As I rip apart
My paper heart
Shred after shred
Of flimsy flesh
Fall at my feet
Spilled ink
Of my veins
To make sense of these feelings
And give them to you
But I only hold
These haunted scribbles
Madness and confusion
Obscuring heart’s truth
How then
Could I ever hope
To make you understand me
And my love for you
When I can’t even
Make sense of myself?